Blackmagic Media Express

Blackmagic Media Express 2.3

Assists multiple programs with media capture and editing
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Enrich the functionality of such applications as UltraStudio, DeckLink, Multibridge, and Intensity by adding the option of capturing, displaying and previewing video and audio via Blackmagic capture hardware. Editing, mixing and exporting data into captured files is possible.

Blackmagic Media Express is a sophistocated software application which enables UltraStudio, DeckLink, Multibridge and Intensity users to capture, play back and preview video and audio via Blackmagic capture hardware.

UltraStudio, DeckLink and Multibridge users can also master to tape, using insert or assemble edit, with frame accurate RS-422 device control.

Media Express has an intuitive interface and requires a 1920 x 1200, or 1280 x 800, pixel computer display to compliment its uncluttered appearance. The capture, playback and master views are color-coded so you will know at a glance which mode is being used.

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